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About us

We love design!


2Flux are passionate about making your big day really special.  We reflect each customers vision into their wedding stationery through creative use of colour, pattern, texture and design knowledge. This means not only bringing inspiration with things that look good but also addressing any functional aspects.


More importantly we love all things weddings and have both been there, done that, got the dress, shoes, cake and of course the stationery!


let us explain the name 2Flux...


The name 2Flux came from a session of brain storming between the two of us, that would be Liz and Jenna i.e 2 . We wanted to create designs, personal to each individual customer by constantly changing and adapting designs for the perfect outcome. This is where the word ‘Flux’ comes from. So there you have it, two of us forever changing design- 2FLUX.

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