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What stationery do I need?


The world of wedding planning can be very daunting and confusing, with many decisions to be made. We want to make ordering your wedding stationery as enjoyable and stress free as possible, so here are a few useful pointers to set you on your way...


Leading up to your big day...



The save the date announces the date of your wedding  to your guests so they can reserve the date on their calendar.


Why do I need it?  Save the Dates are nice to send - especially if you are having a destination wedding, or if lots of your guests will be traveling from far away, to give them plenty of time to plan their trip. You can also include additional information for your guests, such as details of where to stay or how to get these. Also, perhaps consider setting up a wedding website to keep you guests informed and you can add your wedding website address to your Save the Date. 


The wedding invitation announces the date and location of your wedding ceremony and invites guests to attend.


Why do I need it? - Wedding invitations are the best way to invite guests to attend your wedding and give the first impression of your wedding style. Have fun with your wedding invitations as they can showcase your personality and set the tone for your event.


A card included with the invitation for guests to mail back to you to indicate whether or not they will be in attending your big day.


Why do I need it? - RSVP cards are especially helpful to know exactly who will be attending your wedding and to plan for catering needs, reception stationery pieces, and other details.



A card included with the invitation that gives guests additional information including, but not limited to, accommodations, weekend itinerary, and other events.

Why do I need it? - If you've reserved blocks of hotel rooms, scheduled additional events during the weekend, or have other information you'd like to inform your guest about, consider including this card with your wedding invitation.


A card included with the invitation to give guests directions to your wedding ceremony and/or reception.


Why do I need it? - A map and/or directions card is especially helpful if your ceremony and/or reception is tricky to find or for guests who are not familiar with the area. Yes, nowadays guests can easily lookup directions on their smart phones or GPS. But if your ceremony or reception is in an area with limited connectivity, consider including one to ensure guests don't get lost.

On the day stationery...



A stationery piece given to guests at the wedding ceremony to follow along and introduce your wedding party.


Why do I need it? - A program/order of service is a lovely way for guests to join in with your wedding ceremony, especially if you are asking for the response or to sing along to hymns. It's also an ideal way to introduce and inform guests about your bridal party and their relationship to you. The order of service can also include information about the timing  of events throughout the day.


A card that lists the food and beverages that will be served at your reception.


Why do I need it? - A menu is especially nice to display at the reception for guests to know what food and beverage will be served. Menus are a fun way to add character and infuse your personality into the reception.  


A place card has the name of the guest on it and is placed at the appointed table indicating where the guest is to sit. An escort card has the name of the guest as well as the table number indicating where the guest is to sit.


Why do I need it? - If you would like guests to sit at a particular table and/or place setting, place/escort cards are a convenient stationery piece to do so. But whether you need a place card or an escort card will depend on the set-up of your reception. Escort cards are usually placed in a conspicuous area at the reception for guest to find, while place cards are set on the table at the front of the place setting. When using place cards, we suggest using them in conjunction with a seating chart to let your guests know which table to find their seat. 



A favour tag can be added to to your table favours to say thank you to your guests for sharing your special day


Why do I need it? - A favour tag is not a necessity, but it add an extra personal touch to your table. You could also consider using your favour tags as name place card too, with your guest's name on one side and a special message on the reverse.


A stationery piece used to indicate the table where guests are to be seated.

Why do I need it? - Table numbers/names are not only a functional stationery piece but can be a fun way to inject your personality to your table decor.



A table plan lets your guests know what table they will be sitting at during the reception meal. This is normally located at the entrance to the reception, so guests can check it out upon arrival.

Why do I need it? - A table plan is essential, unless you want your guests to sit wherever they choose. It ensure that guests know where they are to sit. Table plans can come in all shapes and sizes and its is often a good idea to make the table plan an eye catching feature so that it is easy to see and also adds an extra dimension to the decor.


e.g. "Please leave cards here", "Sweetie Table", "Bar this way"

Why do I need it? - Depending on your venue/set up, you might need to let your guests know where to go, or you might just want a few signs to make a feature of your sweetie table or photo booth. We can make signs in all shapes and sizes, to match the rest of your wedding stationery...the options are endless!


After your big day...


A card that thanks your guests for attending your wedding and also for any gifts that they have given you

Why do I need it? - It is common courtesy to thank you guests for attending your special, and even more so for their thoughtful gifts. It's also a nice way of rounding off your wedding and you can include special messages to each guest. Some couple like to give photo thank you cards, which can be a lasting memory for your guests.


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