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You're getting married this year....yay!

It's amazing how time just seems to fly by, especially when planning a wedding and before you know it, your getting married this year! Time to stop looking at that rock on your finger and get planning!

Many people ask us "where do you start?". We obviously say "The stationery, it's all about the stationery. It sets the feel and expectations for the whole day! Receive an amazing invitation and you already know the wedding is going to reflect this!" Of course we are biased as we love all things stationery, but admit it there is logic in our madness! 

We offer a great free design service where you can meet us face to face to chat over the endless options. We find these consultations so beneficial for all parties involved as we get to iron out the finer details. It's also great to put a face to the emails and chat over tea, coffee, glass of fizz perhaps? and always chocolates! 

We are often asked "when do you start planning?". This really depends on the type of person you are! Too soon, you may change your mind about what look you want for your wedding. Too late, and you can leave yourself stressed and panicked. We would love you to contact us around 6 months before the big day so we can make everything just perfect! Not that organised? Don't worry, We will still make it happen! 

So what are you waiting for? Your getting married this year! Contact us and make an appointment for your free design consultation. Either do it online on our website or just email us and we can arrange a suitable date and time! We can't wait to meet you and to create new exciting designs! The bubbly is chilling! Xo

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