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The Marquee Wedding

With Spring fast approaching and Summer on the horizon our attention turns to one of the most popular venues for weddings, the Marquee. Not only does this allow you to accommodate as many people as you want in almost any location, it allows the freedom to have any decor that you wish.

The options are endless and here at 2Flux stationery studio we have had the privilege of setting up marquees for all different styles in some of the most beautiful settings. For other weddings we have simply provided the couple with inspiration and the confidence in the look they are trying to achieve by providing them with mood boards and endless ideas.

First have a clear vision! Brain storm and make yourself a mood board if in doubt get on for some seriously cool inspiration and get pin, pin, pinning. Setting up an account is easier than you think and adding a pin button to your tool bar allows you to pin outside of pinterest. Watch out! it can become addictive. Before you go wild, try to stick to some kind of theme or style. If not it could become too much of a blended mess of themes, colours and ideas, then you will find it hard to make that final decision! Think about the location and all the other features of your wedding and try and match your decor and little bits accordingly. When creating these mood boards for one of our clients we thought about three different elements. The marquee, outside areas and of course not forgetting about the Bar! Remember 2Flux are here to guide you if you need any help! We have been there done that got the t-shirt and have lots more ideas up our sleeves.

This is where the wedding stationery is really important, it sets the tone for the rest of your big day and how others will portray it. It is a great starting point and can keep you in check when deciding on other wedding features.

We have had so many marquee weddings and each is always just that little bit different from the next. We love our Bunting wedding stationery that have been very popular with our brides and grooms, each slightly tweaked to their own requirements.

The stationery designs we produce for marquee weddings tend to be a rustic style with others being more of a classic mix of vintage and country garden.

The Lara and Amelie designs from our online collection have been very popular choice for couples who have decided to have a marquee wedding venues with a more elegant, vintage feel.

For me my personal fav was that of the other half of 2flux, Liz and her Husband Andrew's wedding stationery. This really was a special location, just on the banks of the River Tay. The pressure was on to produce something to compliment this amazing setting and we took full opportunity to wow people with the stationery. We feel it really did set the tone for the whole day. Unique, fun and engaging.

Whatever your marquee style we have the skills to bring your ideas to life to produce a unique design just for you!